The New Roggie Update – maybe…

I decided to play around with blogging and am considering resurrecting the old Roggie Update.

I don’t remember why I stopped writing the old one. I guess life happened and we got busy. Or, maybe Facebook took over and that became the new way to stay in touch with everyone. Or, maybe I got lazy and couldn’t be bothered. Either way, due to the Coronavirus, I’m home a lot (ok, all the time) and have the time and interest in things that I used to enjoy doing.

So, let’s see if this takes off! It might be fun to make a habit of it.

Peace and hugs!

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An aspiring blogger who blurts out random stuff at random times, often forgetting who her audience is and making amends as she continues with life. Happily married to Greg and basking in the love of her 3 cats: Aggie, Sylvester and Bear.

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