It’s been a long time…

If only WordPress had come along 20 years ago. I’d have made much better use of it. I was blogging before blogging was a thing, but maybe I’ll get back to it when I retire.


I haven’t done anything here in a long time — not that I planned on doing much anyway, but I did think I would have done more than I have. It’s a very good thing that I didn’t get too creative with my username and password or I wouldn’t have remembered it because it’s just been too long … and I’m not as young as I was.


Anyway, I decided to log in and check on things, and saw that there were a few updates available so I updated everything. There was also a new default WordPress theme available for 2015 so I changed the theme here. If you remember what the old layout looked like, please let me know if this one is better or worse than that one. 🙂


Thanks, and Happy New Year!






Ok, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to add featured images to the site and finally managed it. If I upload an image it works pretty well but I have been completely unable to access the images in the WP library on my PC. Today I tried it with my iPhone and almost got it but couldn’t quite close the deal. I could hear the filenames but couldn’t tap the button to add the selected image. This afternoon I tried it on my iPad and it worked!

Then I moved on to adding buttons to share posts on social media and email, and I think that I got it but it doesn’t seem to be working on posts, just pages so I need to take another look at the settings.

I’m getting more comfortable with this… 🙂